Bird Toys on Display Tree

Display Tree with toys

I can’t help but notice all the new Manzanita Bird Companies springing up on the internet. Although I am sure there are a few companies that have a true appreciation for their products, I feel there are many companies out there that are all about the quantity and not the quality of their products.

Here at Manza Bird Products quality is our #1 goal. We have a real passion for the beauty and natural designs of Manzanita. Every piece we harvest is a new treasure to be relished. We hand make all of our Manzanita Bird Stands, Bird Toys, Cage Tops and perches with TLC.

All our Manzanita is hand dremeled to remove any sharp spots, so your feathered friend won’t get hurt. We also value each piece of Manzanita. We utilize each and every part of the Manzanita we harvest from larger branches for aviaries & custom work, all the way down to giving the leaves to our lambs.

Our specialty is custom making perches for your feathered friends cage or aviaries. We pride ourselves in our customer service. We even like to send our clients pictures of their potential perches, to make sure it is what they want before we do the final cuts. This has worked beautifully for our clients and we especially love it when they send us pictures of their happy feathered friends.

Our off grid manufacturing process is located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, relies on Solar power and sustainable practices for everything we do, ensuring a small footprint in our Manzanita wood products.