Wholesale Manzanita Wood and Branches

The 8th hardest wood in the world – what will you make with it?

Manzanita Hardwood in Bulk

Sustainably harvested in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California

Manzanita hardwood is suitable for all manner of items and we are continually surprised by the amazing art pieces, natural crafts, decorations, parrot bird stands and other items created by our clients from our wholesale Manzanita branches

We sustainably harvest Manzanita branches from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Rage in Northern California. Manzanita wood harvested in this area is sustainable for all manner of pet bird perches and hardwood craft items. While Manzanita wood makes ideal perches for pet birds there really are no limits to what can be created from this beautiful natural hardwood. A parrot bird stand is a great place to start – we can provide a parrot bird stand KIT and you can craft a custom piece all your own.


*please note: cracks are naturally formed as Manzanita wood grows and are not considered a defect.



Kits include a 4-5′ trunk and 4 each 24/28” double branches.    Contact us to order.