We are very proud of our products and have taken great care in creating our handmade Manzanita bird perches and toys.

Store Policies

  • In the event that your product has a manufactureres defect, we will replace it at no cost** for up to 30 days from date of purchase.
  • Please keep in mind that naturally occuring cracks in Manzanita wood are an inherent part of this product and are not considered a defective flaw. Cracks naturally form as Manzanita grows and we cannot prevent this natural feature.
  • Specialty items such as cross perches and cage tops are all custom made with specific measurements needed and require personal contact from the customer in order to ensure you receive the correct product and size. We always need inside to inside cage measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Contact us and we will be able to give you prices and shipping cost details.
  • Privacy Policy: Any information you provide to Manza Bird Products will never be sold or distributed. Manza Bird Products uses customer information solely for the purpose of fulfilling your orders. We prefer to use Paypal for payments for your safety and security. You can use Paypal even if you don’t have an account with them. By using Paypal , we all remain safe and secure.

Choosing the correct diameter branch size for your bird

Please refer to our sizing chart to guarantee the correct size perch for your bird. Ordering a wrong-size perch or toy is NOT considered a manufacturer’s defect. The best way to avoid mistakes in sizing is to let us know what type of bird you have and what size diameter perch they are used to. Please order carefully.

We strive to provide our most popular items through our retail partners while enabling customers to order custom Manzanita items and unique Manzanita pieces directly online or by contacting us. If you are a retailer or distributor looking to offer Manza Bird Products bird perches, bird toys and swings to your customers, CONTACT US for further information on becoming a distribution partner with Manza Bird Products.