16″ Multiple Bird Perch


The space and variety brought back to pet birds, just like they would find out in nature!


Naturally branching hardwood Manzanita in a multiple-branching layout for your pet birds to enjoy! We hand select triple-branching and multiple-branching wood for this hardwood bird perch. The natural branches will provide a variety of diameters to exercise your pet bird’s feet and provide the type of branch layout they would experience out in nature every day.

This multiple-branching bird perch comes in a 16″ length. Please measure your bird cage before ordering. Shorter lengths of this product are available in the related items.

Small size dimensions: .25″ to .75″ diameter

Larger sizes (listed below) are currently only available through custom order. Please call us to discuss your needs. 

Medium size dimensions: .75″ to 1.25″ diameter

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