16″ Double Bird Perch


16″ length hardwood Manzanita double bird perch includes built-in hardware for easy attachment to your bird cage.


16″ long Manzanita bird perches fit easily into larger standard sized bird cages. Make sure to measure the dimensions of your cage before ordering from Manza Bird Products. Contact us for even bigger sizes via custom orders!

This double bird perch provides two branches of varying diameters formed by the natural branching of the Manzanita wood as it grows. The varying diameter branches are great for exercising your bird’s feet and providing multiple perching spots and roosting locations for them to enjoy throughout their day.

Small size dimensions: .25″ to .75″ diameter

Larger sizes (listed below) are currently only available via custom order. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Medium size dimensions: .75″ to 1.25″ diameter

Large size dimensions: 1.25″ to 2.0″ diameter

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