12″ Double Perch


12″ long branch perch attaches easily to the side of your cage.


12″ double manzanita bird perch with built-in hardware for easy mounting to your bird cage or aviary. A double bird perch is ideal for homes with more than one feathered pet where the bonded pair prefers to roost and sit near one another, with options for different positions throughout their day. Natural manzanita wood branches and forks creating natural perching surfaces for your feathered friends. Size selection on this item refers to branch circumference as these perches will be cut to 12″ length to fit standard cage sizes. Real manzanita wood branch bird perches bring a piece of beautiful nature into your bird cage for your pet.

Small size dimensions:     .25″ to .75″ diameter

Larger sizes (listed below) are currently available only through custom order. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Medium size dimensions:     .75″ to 1.25″ diameter

Large size dimensions:     1.25″ to 2.0″ diameter

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