Manzanita Cage-Top Bird Perch

Hardwood Manzanita cage top bird perch custom order item. Please contact to order this item.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Our cage-top Manzanita wood bird perches are custom made and are one of a kind using nature’s designs while strategically placing branches for optimal function. The bird perch you receive will be unique and similar to these photos, but not exactly the same as every branch grows in its own way.

Cage-top bird perches can be attached to the top of the cage. Cage top bird perches only need a single bolt for a secure attachment.

Please email us at for these cage-top bird perches because shipping cost of large items can vary. It is also best to contact us to let us know the type of bird and branch diameter they are comfortable with.

Size small – up to 15″ height/width

Size medium – up to 20″ height/width

Size large – up to 25″ height/width

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